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With over 10 years in the processing and distribution of Shark Cartilage, Living Synergy Inc.'s Shark Cartilage is fast becoming a leader in providing quality products to our retailers at a fair and marketable price.  We, at Living Synergy Inc., use state-of-the-art stainless steel deboning and grinding equipment that was designed and fabricated for this specific application.  Most of our processing is automated.  Although the equipment is complex, the job being performed is summarized as the cleaning, drying, and pulverizing of shark vertebrae and fin cartilage into a very fine powder. Click for Larger View 

Living Synergy Inc.'s Shark Cartilage is flash frozen on the fishing boats when caught.  Our specially developed processing system has been created to produce a 100% pure, non-denatured Shark Cartilage powder, free of skin and meat.  The powder is temperature protected and is never subjected to harmful chlorine bleach or chemical fumigation.  Living Synergy Inc. produces the finest Shark Cartilage available anywhere. 

Living Synergy Inc. now introduces Shark Fin Cartilage. Our Fin Cartilage has consistently tested to have over 18% mucopolysaccharides and protein over 45%. The ash content is well under 40%. This is almost double the mucopolysaccharides of vertebrae cartilage, at least 10% higher in protein and more than 15% less in ash content. The consumption required is, therefore, 20% less than traditional vertebrae cartilage. 

Living Synergy Shark Cartilage Recommended Intake Chart   and
Recommended Diet and Vitamins while on Shark Cartilage For Serious Illness.

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